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Community speed watch volunteers helping to reduce speeding

New Breathalysers – Faster Justice 11th June 2018

Learner Drivers on Motorways 3rd June 2018

Reports & Statistics

Christmas adds pressure to drink and drive 2nd Desc 17

Tailgating is an Offence 2nd Dec 17

290 new drivers banned for mobile phone use 1 Dec 17

Drink-driving capital of the UK revealed 30th Nov 17

Speeding offences rise to six year high 27th Nov 17 (with comment from IAM)

Number of Untaxed Vehicles Trebles 16th Nov 17

Speed Summit 2017 Report – Effective Road Schemes 8th Nov 17

Reasons People Give for Speeding 21st Nov 17

6,111km of Roads have an unacceptably high risk 21st Nov 17 (with comment from IAM)

Improved Road Engineering Required to Prevent Accidents. 21st Nov 17

New drivers within 12 months: 21% accident, 2.2% points, 0.4% banned 16th Nov 17

59% of accidents occur on country roads

Fatigue is involved in 20% of major road accidents

23% of drivers admitted to using a handheld mobile phone

Lots of people have never had their eyesight tested since their driving test! 31st Oct 17

Support for 20mph speed limits 3rd Nov 17

Percentage of speed cameras actually working 4th Nov 17

One-third of motorists do not know motorway speed limit, survey finds 3rd Nov 17

40 pedestrians killed on Essex roads in three years 1st Nov 17


Campaign for Speed Limit Signs with Crash Images under Them 24th Nov 17

ISA Anti Speeding System demanded by road safety group 20th Nov 17

Tax It Campaign 3rd Nov 17


HGV Cab results 8th Nov 17

HGV Cab in West Mercia Results 9th Nov 17

Keighley 2 Week Blitz Results  9th Nov 17

Nearly 500 drivers in Hertfordshire hit with £200 fines and six penalty points 26th Oct

Windsor and Essex Police Road Safety Blitz 23rd Oct 17


6 Lorries in Accident on M1 30th Nov 17

Road Crash Index 21st Nov 17

Examples of Bad Driving

Most Shocking undertake 2nd Nov 17

Driving Test

Improved Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Tests 1st Dec 17

8 Most Failed Driving Theory Questions  26th Nov 17

48hrs Strike on New Test Day – due to Safety Concerns 15th Nov 17

New Driving Test Manoeuvre Breaks Highway Code 239 15th Nov 17

Driverless Cars

What’s It like Behind the Wheel of a Driverless Car 27th Nov 17

Driverless Cars, Funding and 2021 21st Nov 17

Links showing an emerging trend of drivers going the Wrong Way at Roundabouts

Wrong way on large roundabout in Cornwall 25th Nov 17

Driver condemned for “downright stupidity” after roundabout right turn to shave seconds off commute

Wrong way at Roundabout in Cheshunt 19th Nov 17

Prime Minister’s Convoy Goes Wrong Way At Roundabout  27th Nov 17

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Speeding Ticket Scam 21st Nov 17

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