Video recordings from some of our monthly meetings.

14th May 2024 “The Tidal Thames – Its Folklore and Traditions” with Mark Lewis

12th March 2024 Meet IAM RoadSmart Chief Examiner Richard Gladman.

13th February 2024 David Newall on his father Les’s wartime role as a bomber navigator.

14th November 2023 ‘Safety, System, Smoothness and Sparkle’ by Paul Gillett, our Chief Observer

10th October 2023  “The Essex & Herts Air Ambulance” with  Peter Hennessey.


13th June 2023 “Operation Aerial – Churchill’s Second Miracle of Delivery with journalist and author David Worsfold.  A previously untold story (

9th May 2023 “You’ve Never Had It So Good”, Paul Robbins

10th February 2023 “Richard Webb, Guide Dog Puppy Fosterer”

8th November 2022 “The Eccentric British”, Paul Robbins

11th October 2022 “The Routemaster Bus – A London Icon”, Nick Blurton

12th July 2022 “Diversionary Courses Part 2 – Drink Driving” with Margaret Houlihan.

Here are the full Questions and Answers in a PDF – click here.

14th June 2022 “Preparing for the Advanced Driving Test” Chris Smith, IAM Examiner. An essential presentation for all Associates preparing to take the test and of interest to all Members.

Audio from this talk is available here.

12th April 2022 “Why have a Nextbase Dash Cam?” with Elliott Blackburn

8th March 2022 “Cornering, hierarchy of cornering priorities, and advanced cornering techniques” with Nick Fearn

11th January 2022 “Diversionary Courses – Part 1. Speed Awareness” with Margaret Houlihan.

9th November 2021 “Behaviour Change Theory and why it’s Successful in a Road Safety Setting” with Iain Watson and Holly Jacobs, Senior Road Safety Officers (Education), Suffolk County Council.

For more information: (Senior Road Safety Officer (Education)) (Road Safety Officer)
Suffolk County Council  07713 977940

14th September 2021 Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust – The Work of the Air Ambulance with EHAAT Volunteer Peter Hennessey.

10th August 2021 Recovery from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, and the Return to Driving” by Author, Pauline O’Connor

13th July 2021 Martin Diss, IAM Examiner. “Preparing for your Advanced Driving Test”